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Orange acquires SecureData “to increase international reach and expertise in cyber security”

by Brian Sims

Orange has announced the acquisition of the SecureData Group for an undisclosed sum. SecureData is the largest independent cyber security service provider in the UK and boasts a 25-year track record of providing integrated cyber solutions designed to assess risks, detect threats, protect customers’ IT assets and effectively respond to security incidents.

Secure Data Group’s elite consulting arm, SensePost, enjoys a worldwide reputation for its expertise in fighting cyber criminality, security research and penetration testing. The company recorded annual revenues of circa 50 million Euros in 2018 and has enjoyed consistent growth rates of approximately 20% since 2016.

With over 200 employees in the UK and South Africa and a well-respected management team, the business is well-positioned on the strategically key British and Anglophone cyber security market. By offering improved access to this crucial market, SecureData constitutes an opportunity to expand Orange’s capabilities, particularly in Europe.

Planned technical co-operation

Through additional technical co-operation, SecureData will help to reinforce Orange’s strategic position in the cyber defence real by bringing a new source of expertise and innovative technology to the fore. SecureData also boasts an advanced Security Operations Centre (SOC) in the UK that will reinforce Orange Cyberdefense’s international reach by building upon the existing network of nine cyber SOCs dedicated to monitoring and responding to security breaches on behalf of its customers.

By working alongside Orange Cyberdefense’s existing operations in France and Belgium, SecureData will ensure its continued development by leveraging access to Orange Business Services’ existing sales force and its customer base of over 3,000 multinational companies. In addition, it will also benefit from the carrier-grade CERT and threat intelligence team.

The envisaged organisation is designed to ensure continuity of SecureData’s commercial and operational autonomy.

Major development milestone

Hugues Foulon, executive director of strategy and cyber security activities at Orange, said: “We’re very proud and happy to announce the acquisition of SecureData, which will mark a major milestone in Orange’s development in Europe’s cyber security market. SecureData has successfully made the transition towards Managed Security Services and shares the same passion for cyber. Together, we will progressively co-build operational and commercial synergies, with the patronage and experience of Michel Van Den Berghe, CEO of Orange Cyberdefense, to the fore.”

Foulon added: “Cyber security has become a critical element for both large and small companies as they evolve in an increasing digital-reliant world. We’re convinced that the combined expertise of Orange and SecureData will provide a powerful resource for our customers in ensuring the protection of their valuable data.”

Ian Brown, executive chairman at SecureData, responded: “We’re thrilled and excited to be joining the Orange family. Both organisations share the same vision and aspiration for the cyber security market and have many complementary services and skills. By being part of Orange, we’ll be able to better serve the international needs of many of our existing customers as well as providing enhanced cyber services to Orange customers within the UK.”

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