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ONVIF launches education and enforcement programme to ensure product conformance

by Brian Sims

Per Björkdahl: chairman of the ONVIF Steering Committee

ONVIF – the leading global standardisation initiative for IP-based physical security products – is set to unveil a proactive education and enforcement campaign designed to ensure that all claims of ONVIF conformance by the manufacturers of IP-based physical security products are valid.

The education and enforcement initiative aims to further protect the ONVIF brand and more pre-emptively monitor ONVIF’s copyrights, trademarks and logos on an ongoing basis.

The campaign will also help further educate the manufacturing community about the specific requirements of compliance and their ability to advertise individual products as being conformant with ONVIF.

The only method of determining a product’s conformance is through a listing on the ONVIF website, where conformant products can be easily searched using a variety of criteria. An entry on the ONVIF website signifies that the product has undergone ONVIF’s comprehensive testing and conformance process and has been individually certified by ONVIF as conformant.

There are currently more than 3,300 individual conformant products listed.

Credibility of the brand is crucial

“We recognise that the credibility of the ONVIF brand is crucial to the success of the standard and the organisation,” said Per Björkdahl (pictured), chairman of the ONVIF Steering Committee. “Therefore, we take the protection of this brand very seriously. Our objective with this enforcement campaign is to reinforce to the market that the ONVIF name continues to represent interoperability.”

To augment these efforts, earlier this year ONVIF introduced a new level of membership providing access to the ONVIF test tool, which is used to test the validity of product conformance. This Observer membership level allows consultants, systems integrators and media organisations to individually validate the conformance of a specific product to a particular ONVIF Profile.

“As a member-driven organisation we rely very heavily on the efforts of our members to help us develop policies and procedures that ensure the success of ONVIF, both for its members and for the industry at large,” said Stuart Rawling, vice-chairman of the ONVIF Communication Committee. “We encourage anyone who suspects a given product might not be conformant when claims are being made to the contrary to contact us at help@onvif.org.”

*Further information for end users concerning ONVIF conformant products, including the vendors and the conformant models, is available on ONVIF’s website: http://www.onvif.org


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