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Oncam introduces ExD explosive environment camera range for hazardous areas

by Brian Sims

Oncam, the provider of 360-degree video capture and business intelligence technology, has released its new ExD explosive environment camera range which the company describes as “the only 360-degree single-sensor camera with an explosion-protected housing.”

The range is designed to safeguard environments in markets such as oil and gas production and refining, power supply and the utilities and wastewater treatment as well as other hazardous materials facilities.

To provide the best possible protection for hazardous areas, cameras installed as part of a comprehensive security plan must guarantee the appropriate level of safety and adhere to stringent regulations. The Oncam ExD camera range helps ensure the safety of the surrounding atmosphere by containing electrical sparks that can ignite and potentially cause significant harm to both people and assets.

Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, the cameras’ flame-proof housing has obtained various certifications across the globe:

*IECEx: The International Electrotechnical Commission certifies the ExD camera range at a ‘high’ protection level, with the housing protecting an inner explosion from spreading into the air surrounding it

*ATEX: The ATEX certification approves the use of the ExD in applicable hazardous environments (excluding mining) within the European Union

The Oncam ExD 360-degree camera range, which includes both 5 MP and 12 MP models, provides increased flexibility for customers in these markets to install a high-quality, single-sensor camera in an explosion-protected housing. The camera range also features heavy-duty, 316L stainless steel and is rated at IP66, IP67 and IP68 protection against water and dust ingress.

“The new ExD camera range is the perfect addition to our specialist cameras, which are targeted toward markets that require robust equipment to provide video capture in extreme conditions,” explained Jon Marsh, vice-president of products at Oncam. “The expanding list of certifications for these cameras, along with Oncam’s attention to the needs of these markets, allow us to provide high-quality, 360-degree coverage and intelligent video that increases situational awareness and protects critical assets from today’s myriad threats.”

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