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Officer Connect launched to deliver ‘virtual engagement’ solutions for security guarding sector

by Brian Sims
Officer Connect's director and founder Steve Kennedy

Officer Connect’s director and founder Steve Kennedy

Officer Connect is a new company that has been launched in order to deliver an “innovative” security officer engagement solution for the security guarding sector by dint of using cutting-edge technology. 

The brainchild of director and founder Steve Kennedy, an industry professional with 20 years’ experience as both a client and consultant, the new service is designed to improve officer well-being and support security providers in both their contractual obligations to customers and commitments to staff development.

“Global security threats are increasing, and the demand for efficient and effective security guarding services is growing as a result,” explained Kennedy. “Clients are demanding more as margins are falling, and many companies are battling over the recruitment, development and retention of dedicated security officers.”

Kennedy continued: “Officers who are engaged, and who feel valued not just by the company they work for, but also the industry as a whole, become energised, show more commitment and deliver a better service. However, this takes time and costs money. This is where Officer Connect steps in, reducing operational costs while delivering an innovative solution for the engagement and development of the officers employed.”

‘Virtual Visits’

Officer Connect provides ‘Virtual Visits’ as an enhancement to the traditional approach of visits conducted by out-of-hours mobile supervisors and day visits by operational management. Using state-of-the-art video and audio technology, Officer Connect is able to engage with officers at various levels, ranging from basic welfare checks through to more detailed site visits and staff appraisals at any time on a 24/7 basis.

Interviews are uploaded to a dedicated client portal alongside a transcribed report of the ‘Virtual Visit’, with any key areas of concern or issues appropriately ‘red-flagged’ and time-stamped for ease of review.

Officer Connect’s management works closely with clients to understand specific site or officer needs from which bespoke questionnaires are then compiled.

Effective delivery of site management

“The simplicity of the system allows clients to access, track and compare progress across their individual sites and officers, enabling the effective delivery of site management and personnel development,” enthused Kennedy.

The service is compliant with all of the latest legislation and meets the standards for lone workers, further helping security service providers in meeting their regulatory responsibilities.

“Officer engagement should not be seen as a cost that can easily be cut, but rather as an investment that delivers real and tangible value,” concluded Kennedy.

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