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NSI passes Government’s Cyber Essentials PLUS certification process with flying colours

by Brian Sims

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) has been awarded certification to the Cyber Essentials PLUS scheme. Developed by the Government and industry, Cyber Essentials PLUS provides a clear statement of the controls all organisations should implement to minimise risk from Internet-based threats.

Cyber attacks are at pandemic levels, cost some organisations potentially business crippling expense, put customer data at risk and create severe disruption to normal operations. Cyber criminals target any organisation that holds data of value to criminal interests.

For many years now, the NSI – the certification body specialising in security and fire safety – has maintained a Business Resilience and Disaster Recovery policy designed to protect itself and its Approved Company records from cyber threats. Already certificated for Cyber Essentials, the NSI has now received the endorsement of Cyber Essentials PLUS, further underlining its commitment to cyber security.

The NSI has been certified by Risk Factory, a recognised Cyber Essentials certification body. Nick Roberts, business development director at Risk Factory, commented: “Having been assessed as meeting the requirements of Cyber Essentials PLUS, the NSI’s approach to information risk management demonstrates Best Practice in cyber security.”

Richard Jenkins, CEO at the NSI, added: “Cyber attacks are a serious matter. The threats and challenges we all face are becoming ever-more sophisticated. The recent cyber attacks reported in the national media are a wake-up call for organisations both large and small to review their risk management processes and procedures. Achieving Cyber Essentials PLUS provides reassurance that, at the NSI, our IT resilience has been thoroughly stress-tested using recognised tools and techniques.”

Jenkins went on to comment: “Companies operating within our sector should consider Cyber Essentials as a minimum if they haven’t already done so, as more and more buyers of security services rightly require evidence of cyber security credentials from their suppliers. It shows business’ professionalism in a new light.”

*Full details about how businesses can protect themselves from cyber attacks via the Cyber Essentials scheme are available at: www.cyberaware.gov.uk/cyberessentials/

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