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Nittan launches enhanced photoelectric smoke detector featuring integral sounder

by Brian Sims
Nittan's EV-PYS smoke detector

Nittan’s EV-PYS smoke detector

In line with the business’ ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, fire detection product manufacturer Nittan has launched its EV-PYS photoelectric smoke detector complete with integral sounder.

Building on the success of the EV-PS, the EV-PYS features a new advanced smoke sensing chamber designed for maximum effectiveness. A spherical feature has been incorporated within the chamber which provides superior light scattering. Also, an orange LED has been used. This significantly improves response across the fire spectrum.

The shape of the new ‘PY’ smoke chamber has also been optimised to minimise the effect of dirt/dust contamination, while a fine stainless steel micromesh prevents the ingress of even the smallest insects which can create false alarms.

Even with this improved performance, Nittan is pleased to offer the new EV-PYS at the same price point as its popular predecessor, the EV-PS.

The EV-PYS is a direct replacement for the EV-PS and fully backwards compatible, meaning that it’s suitable as a direct replacement for spares and retrofit applications of any older EV-PS models without the need for panel upgrades or type code changes.

The new ‘PY’ chamber technology incorporated into the EV-PYS will form an essential building block for future planned Nittan device developments.

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