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Newtownards door supervisor who ignored SIA prosecuted for working without licence

by Brian Sims
Newtownards Magistrates Court

Newtownards Magistrates Court

A door supervisor who was caught working without a licence in a County Down bar has been sentenced at Newtownards Magistrates’ Court. Glen Thompson was found working at Roma’s Bar and Bistro in February last year during an inspection by Security Industry Authority (SIA) investigators, who were being supported in their endeavours by Police Service of Northern Ireland officers. He pled guilty to working without a licence and was fined £400 with £175 costs and an offender levy of £15.

Pete Easterbrook of the SIA’s criminal investigations team said: “Door supervisors have a vital role to play in ensuring the safety of the public. They are placed into positions of trust and responsibility, and it’s for this reason that they’re regulated by the SIA. We mandate effective training and ensure that licences are only issued to those who meet strict eligibility criteria with regard to criminality and other disqualifying factors.”

Easterbrook added: “The law is very clear that both working without a licence and supplying an unlicensed security operative are criminal offences. Doing so places the public at risk and is entirely unacceptable. There’s a minority of people within the security industry in Northern Ireland who believe themselves to be above the law and feel that they can do as they wish. This will not be tolerated, and I would urge those people to think very carefully about the consequences of their actions. Compliance with the law is not optional. Those who seek to undermine public safety in this way can expect to be prosecuted.”

Thompson initially claimed that he was working in-house for Roma’s Bar and Bistro. However, investigators subsequently discovered that this wasn’t the case. He was asked to attend an interview at Newtownards Police Station at the start of June last year. Thompson failed to appear, despite assuring SIA investigators that he would be present. He then refused to engage with the Regulator and, as a result, was summonsed to appear at Newtownards Magistrates’ Court where, upon his third appearance, he pled guilty.

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