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New operations centre fits video wall

by Brian Sims

Cloud and IT services provider Exponential-e has recently relocated its headquarters to an east London location that features facilities with new equipment, including the Panasonic TH-55LFV50 video wall display, to provide an end-to-end service. Configured in a 2 x 4 array and forming a part of the 24/7 Network Operations Centre, the Panasonic TH-55LFV50 enables Exponential-e’s network engineers to visualise multiple data sets such as incoming tickets, service statuses and active mapping of POP server locations at one time, increasing efficiency in problem solving and in-turn maximising customer satisfaction. ” We provide network connectivity to our customers and many of them can’t afford any downtime; if there is a problem we need to be on top of it straight away. The Panasonic video wall is an essential tool for our business as it allows our engineers to view a range of data at one time to quickly and efficiently solve problems and keep customers happy,” said Chris Harris, IT Infrastructure Manager at Exponential-e. ” In our previous office we had standard plasma screens, but they had large bezels that restricted our view of content and got very hot which made our engineers uncomfortable. The Panasonic displays had the narrowest bezel-to-bezel (5.3mm) gap, the LCD D-LED panels were much more heat and energy efficient and the high picture quality and brightness of the displays meant that even small text could be seen from a distance.” The company also required a much more configurable solution than their previously limited setup, to facilitate the process of viewing different sets of data. The Panasonic TH-55LFV50 solution newly enabled the engineers to intuitively manipulate the data sets and stretch them across multiple screens using only their fingertips and a touch screen device. Additionally, they were able to create configuration profiles which they could effortlessly switch between to meet the requirements of the 24/7 business’s shift patterns. ” The Panasonic video wall is not only essential for our Network Operations Centre engineers, it is a great tool to show customers as it gives them the reassurance that we’ve got their network in our hands. We needed something highly functional that also had that” wow” factor and the TH-55LFV50 fitted the bill on both those levels,” Harris added.

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