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NAID certification expands in the UK

by Brian Sims

UK-based secure destruction company Glazewing has earned NAID AAA Certification for compliance with operational and security specifications for its information destruction processes and services. NAID AAA Certification is earned by completing a security audit conducted by an accredited security professional. To maintain the certification, Glazewing will be subject to surprise audits as well as routine scheduled audits. NAID CEO Bob Johnson stated, ‘According to the UK data protection laws, organisations have a responsibility to make sure destruction services can adequately protect personal information. Glazewing has made fulfilling that responsibility much easier by becoming NAID certified. ‘We learned many years ago that frequent unannounced audits dramatically enhanced compliance. They have to know an audit can come at any time, even if they recently had one.’ Glazewing joins Shredall and Allshred who have already achieved NAID AAA Certification. Though the number of certified companies in the UK is small, it is growing as customers demand vendor qualifications. NAID currently has more than 40 member locations in the UK and almost 2,000 member locations globally.

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