Home Case Studies Multiple Invictus PTZ cameras deployed by DSSL Group across Greater London towns

Multiple Invictus PTZ cameras deployed by DSSL Group across Greater London towns

by Brian Sims

Following the recent successful installation of 360 Vision Technology’s Invictus ruggedised PTZ cameras by a north London Borough, the same Borough has now rolled-out over 100 Invictus cameras across seven Greater London towns.

With an early success in prosecuting serious crime following the deployment of the Invictus models, the cameras’ highly effective night-time HD quality colour video footage proved to be just one of the useful attributes of the UK-manufactured units when a recent significant impact by a vehicle to a camera column tested its suitability for roadside deployment.

The Invictus camera took the high-speed impact in its stride, while at the same time showcasing its ‘Attack Detect’ feature, automatically resetting to the last viewing position prior to being forcibly moved from its previous viewing direction. There was no damage to the camera or its direct drive PTZ mechanism.

Commenting on the broader roll-out of Invictus cameras, DSSL Group’s works director Aaron Stephens, who specified the 360 Vision Technology cameras, confirmed: “The importance of selecting a product that’s fit for purpose when being deployed roadside in a town centre is often overlooked by some companies, who may deploy non-ruggedised cameras purely on the basis of cost. If a PTZ camera were to fall from height following an impact, which is a very real risk, there could be a substantial public health and safety incident. At DSSL, we adopt an holistic view. We consider the surveillance needs at each individual location and ensure that all aspects of camera deployment are studied. Based on our experience, 360 Vision Technology’s Invictus camera was the obvious choice for us to recommend to this important Local Authority customer.”

The expanded installation now takes the total number of Invictus cameras to over 100. Allied to wireless links forming a major part of the system’s infrastructure, comment has been made regarding the “superb quality” of the Invictus cameras’ video which is delivered over a wireless infrastructure.

In a market often that can be dominated by imported products from the Far East, the integration of Genetec’s Security Center with high-performance Invictus PTZ cameras has proven the effectiveness of two Commonwealth technology providers.

Commenting on the camera/control technology collaboration, Genetec’s country manager Paul Dodds informed Risk Xtra: “Our close technical partnership with 360 Vision Technology has enabled deep systems integration and control of the Invictus cameras. Genetec Security Center’s unified platform and Omnicast video surveillance has been used to seamlessly blend full Invictus camera menu control within a single intuitive interface. 360 Vision Technology’s cameras are Genetec-certified products on our supported device list. This successful deep integration has simplified the London Borough’s surveillance operation and effective management. We value all of our technology partnerships, and especially those forged with manufacturers such as 360 Vision Technology, who offer reliability through the Invictus PTZ cameras, as is amply illustrated here across seven north London towns.”

Adrian Kirk, strategic accounts director at 360 Vision Technology, commented on the green credentials of Invictus, which was a factor in the overall decision by DSSL to specify the camera.

“With a focus on reducing carbon footprint, we’re continually working towards reductions in camera power consumption. On larger projects like this, the savings on energy and the reduction in associated pollution offer significant advantages over camera alternatives from the Far East, helping Local Authority system operators to meet their carbon footprint reduction goals. With a host of performance and end user-centric operational benefits, Invictus is well placed to feature extensively in future local authority upgrades as customers examine total cost of ownership and the need to ensure that all CCTV equipment deployed roadside is indeed fit for purpose.”

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