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Mitie’s security business seals double contract win with IKEA and Springfields

by Brian Sims

Mitie’s security business has been awarded two contract wins with IKEA and Springfields, which together are worth £5 million per annum. The new contract with IKEA has been awarded for three years, while Springfields has extended its existing contract for a further three years.

At IKEA, Mitie will offer a range of security services on sites across the UK including security guarding, gate duties, vehicle and individual searches and managing the Security Control Room. This is the first time IKEA has changed its security provider in the UK in nine years and has chosen to adopt a different model to its other European operations.

Under the contract, Mitie will drive innovation and improve IKEA’s future security model by modernising the client’s CCTV operations and identifying any efficiencies. Initially, Mitie will conduct technical and systems reviews across all of IKEA’s retail sites and two distribution centres. This model will also support IKEA with its retail-specific training and advanced customer service.

In support of IKEA’s commitment to the Living Wage Foundation, employees will benefit from a pay increase. As part of the its contractual commitment, Mitie will work towards providing all staff with the National and London Living Wage, as well as making available a range of Mitie Rewards which includes staff discounts.

At Springfield’s nuclear fuel production site in Salwick, Preston, Mitie will offer a range of security solutions from reception and vetting services through to gate duties, vehicle and individual searches and the management of the Security Control Room.

Jason Towse: leader of Mitie's security management business

Jason Towse: leader of Mitie’s security management business

Mitie has delivered a security guard force at the site since 2011. This new contract extends that remit with the introduction of SMART Platinum, the company’s bespoke task and incident management platform, to enhance security operations by preventing both unauthorised access and the removal of nuclear materials.

SMART Platinum can cover an entire estate while remaining tailored to each individual site as well as providing full visibility of the security and risk profile. SMART Platinum cost-effectively enables intelligent decision-making by collecting data from multiple sources through one system to reveal opportunities for efficiencies and service improvements across Springfields’ sites.

Jason Towse, managing director of Mitie’s security business, explained to Risk Xtra: “We’re extremely proud to have been chosen as IKEA’s first solely UK service provider and delighted to have extended our strong working relationship with Springfields. Mitie’s security business continues to drive innovation in the industry and both of these clients will benefit from the introduction of new technology. Implementing SMART Platinum will enable us to continually improve our service, spot opportunities for efficiencies, use trends in data and work collaboratively to ensure a better experience for Springfields.”

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