Home Guarding Mitie TSM wins contract to realise security solutions at Eggborough Power Station

Mitie TSM wins contract to realise security solutions at Eggborough Power Station

by Brian Sims
Mitie TSM has won the contract to provide security for Eggborough Power Ltd

Mitie TSM has won the contract to provide security for Eggborough Power Ltd

Facilities management company Mitie has been awarded the security contract for Eggborough Power Station. Mitie’s Total Security Management business was successful in securing a contract to provide security personnel at the plant (which is located near Selby) on a 24-hour basis.

The Mitie team was awarded the three-year contract based on its critical security environment expertise. In addition to this, the company is able to offer superior learning and development capabilities as well as online operations software Workplace+, giving the client access to contract management information.

Speaking about the contract win, Jason Towse (managing director at Mitie Total Security Management) commented: “We’re delighted to be working with Eggborough Power Ltd. This is a sector where we can deliver subject matter experts to enhance the relationship through implementing Best Practice and information sharing with other security-critical environments.”

Kevin Doyle, head of security for Eggborough Power Ltd, added: “We’re happy to welcome Mitie to site for the delivery of site security services. The award of this contract recognises Mitie’s experience in the security business sector, the company’s commitment to training and developing staff to provide high standards of performance. It’s hoped that through a mutually supportive relationship between ourselves and Mitie that the primary objective of promoting a safe and secure environment for the workforce and visitors will be achieved.”

Eggborough Power Station: the history

Construction of the Eggborough Power Station (situated off the A19 south of Selby between the towns of Knottingley and Snaith, not far from the village of Eggborough) began in 1962. Supply to the National Grid commenced in 1967. The official opening occurred on 18 September 1970.

Jason Towse: managing director at Mitie TSM

Jason Towse: managing director at Mitie TSM

As a result of privatisation, Eggborough passed from the ownership of the Central Electricity Generating Board to a newly-created company, National Power, which was floated on the London Stock Exchange in March 1991. Eggborough was then bought by British Energy in March 2000.

In January 2009, British Energy was bought by EDF Energy. As part of that purchase process, Eggborough divested from EDF and became an independent business on 1 April 2010.

Since the official opening, Eggborough Power Station’s operation has varied from the initial continuous running day and night (base loading) to a mix of generation whereby units are run flexibly (ie ‘two-shifting’) to match the daily generation demands.

Initially, the Power Station was focused on improving the performance of the original equipment to enhance the original design intent. However, from the early 1990s to the present day, a number of upgrades have been carried out to improve environmental performance and replace major components with more efficient and modern day designs.

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