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Managed 24/7 opens “IT industry’s first Predictive Management Centre” focused on 100% uptime for connected devices

by Brian Sims

Managed 24/7 – the next generation IT and telecommunications managed services provider – has unveiled “the IT industry’s first Predictive Management Centre”. Representing the next phase of predictive managed service provision, the £1.5 million Milton Keynes development is ready to facilitate 100% uptime for customers.

Through its combination of monitoring technologies, business intelligence and analytics, Managed 24/7 can identify potential weaknesses within the network and put in place remedial action well in advance of them causing issues for the users of technology.

Over 38m of 4K UHD projection systems deliver this predictive monitoring on floor-to-ceiling screens for ‘deep-dive’ analytics into the smallest of trends, affording engineers at-a-glance analytics for up to one billion devices.

According to Gartner technology research*, 26 billion cumulative connected things can be expected by 2020, while the number of items connected to the Internet is estimated by market watchers** at between 50 and 100 billion (PCs, tablets and smart phones aside).

From smart buildings to intelligent production lines, companies in particular are rapidly adopting Internet-connected devices to improve performance, reduce costs and transform the customer experience.

However, the Internet of Everything/Internet of Things is proving an increasing challenge for IT teams, who also have to contend with a growing reliance on more complex, broader ranging applications and the hyper-converged, hybrid public and private cloud environments they’re situated within. As these stakes continue to rise, companies can no longer afford the risk of running the traditional five nines break/fix model. Now, only 100% uptime will do.

Millions of connected devices

John Pepper, CEO and founder of Managed 24/7, explained: “The role of IT is changing. Today’s requirement to support traditional core IT is fast evolving to be all about managing millions of connected devices, from traditional IT systems through to life-saving NHS equipment and factory production solutions.”

Pepper added: “This isn’t just a question of semantics. The break/fix approach that still dominates in most IT environments is not acceptable for these critical components. From production to automation, there is simply no tolerance for failure. That’s why we’re so delighted to announce what we believe to be the world’s first Predictive Management Centre and step up to the challenge of providing a single, consolidated approach towards the technical challenges facing today’s growing businesses.”

In conclusion, Pepper informed Risk UK: “Our end-to-end data analytics, combined with self-healing technologies, will accurately predict trends in performance to both prevent costly problems and enable end user organisations to achieve far more effective IT usage. This turns the idea of the traditional Network Operations Centre on its head. We firmly believe that’s a cause of great excitement for things to come.”

*Gartner research: November 2015
**Channelnomics Internet of Things Report 2015

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