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Magenta Security’s leader highlights need for industry to support public services

by Brian Sims
Abbey Petkar

Abbey Petkar

A combination of uncertainty over Brexit negotiations and recent cutbacks in other areas of police funding has highlighted an opportunity for the private security industry to support public services. That’s the firm belief of Abbey Petkar, managing director of Magenta Security.

“Brexit is putting an incredible strain on resources of all types across the UK, including the police service, which is preparing contingencies for a host of challenges ahead of 29 March,” commented Petkar. “When combined with the selling-off of police assets and the reduction in officers on the streets, this makes life very difficult when it comes to the prevention of criminal activity. I have incredible respect for the police service, which is doing a tough job under difficult circumstances and deserves our support.”

Petkar feels that, via current contracts and private initiatives, private security sector companies across the UK can deliver for clients while partnering the police to highlight and, where possible, stop criminal activity.

“The security industry is incredibly diverse and already working across a host of services to prevent crime,” continued Petkar. “We already support public services by filling gaps and spotting vulnerabilities that opportunists could exploit. A partnership-based relationship with the police service will do nothing but improve this. For those of us carrying the proper certification, there’ even the opportunity to directly support public services, supplementing their workforce where needed.”

Ultimately, Petkar suggests that there’s a significant opportunity for the private sector to support public services and give back to the wider community. This is even more true as the Security Industry Authority works to professionalise and improve upon the quality of output from across the security business sector.

Public safety should, in Petkar’s opinion, be the responsibility of all, not just hard-working police officers.

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