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Magal moves into cyber security

by Brian Sims

Magal Security Systems has announced that it is expanding its business with the delivery of integrated physical-cyber protection solutions. To pursue this strategy, Magal has acquired Websilicon, an Israeli-based company operating in the network management and monitoring markets. The cyber security solutions will monitor and protect against abnormal network activity, both over hard-wired and wireless infrastructure, within and in proximity to protected sites. Cyber and physical events can be managed by the same platform; the Fortis4G. The core solution will be based on communications monitoring which will intercept attacks, worms and other threats. The sensing element will report to a unified Security Operation Center (SOC) and to Fortis4G, a centralised threat command and control platform. Fortis 4G was designed for site security, and processes events and alerts from access control, video surveillance, perimeter sensors, intrusion alarms, fire detectors, and communications networks. The platform has now been extended to include cyber security utilising processes for threat analysis and protection. Eitan Livneh, President and CEO of Magal, stated, ‘The traditional physical threats to sensitive sites are now exacerbated by cyber threats. Unlike the physical space, deterrence barely exists in cyberspace, and therefore any business cannot be left protected with only physical security.’

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