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Luminite’s OCULi wireless PIR camera integrates with Sentinel’s security monitoring platform

by Brian Sims

Luminite Electronics, the British manufacturer of wireless and hard-wired PIR detectors, has announced that its popular OCULi wireless PIR camera now integrates with the Sentinel security monitoring platform.

OCULi is a stand-alone PIR detector complete with a camera designed to provide visual verification in vulnerable areas where CCTV cannot be installed due to power and Internet limitations. OCULi is powered by two lithium batteries offering an expected life of between six and nine months depending on usage. OCULi is perfect for construction sites, vacant properties, utility sites and fly-tipping locations.

Sentinel has supplied alarm monitoring systems to the UK and Ireland markets since 1984. Privately owned, Sentinel works with a host of industry leaders to provide a single, seamless monitoring platform for the security sector.

Luminite collaborated with Bristol-based Arc Monitoring to test the integration. Established in 1999, Arc Monitoring is an NSI Gold approved CCTV monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) working with a wide range of professional installers across the UK.

Graham Creek, managing director at Luminite, commented: “While we have built a powerful self-monitoring portal for OCULi, a number of our larger customers require the services of ARCs such as Arc Monitoring. Given its reputation in the industry, Arc Monitoring was the perfect partner for us to test and refine the Sentinel integration.”

Fitted with a VGA camera and powerful IR LED, OCULi uses the mobile phone network to send rapid visual verification of a detected event. Each unit is fitted with a roaming SIM that will pick up the strongest network signal irrespective of provider to ensure the fastest delivery of images. No other equipment is required on site as each OCULi works independently.

By way of the iOS and Android OCULi free mobile phone apps, alarm notifications are quickly received by push notification. Users can also use the app to view events, arm and disarm units or sites as well as walk-test and configure each unit for optimum coverage by way of OCULi’s built-in low energy Bluetooth.

OCULi units are also available with a speaker kit such that end users or the ARM operatives can make a live voice challenge during/after an event.

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