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Lessons Learned to launch new on-demand integrity and compliance training resource

by Brian Sims

Specialist integrity, ethics and compliance training consultancy Lessons Learned has announced the forthcoming launch of Lessons Learned On-Demand, the company’s new ‘click-and-play’ digital training resource that will provide instant access to many hours of short, high quality, video-based training resources on issues surrounding business integrity and compliance.

Case Study-based and initially covering a deep range of core required staff knowledge areas in anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, anti-bribery and corruption and fraud awareness and prevention, the content has been created by experienced Lessons Learned training providers and offers compliance officers and trainers worldwide access to immediate training at minimal cost.

Tim Parkman, founder and managing director of Lessons Learned, explained: “Bribery, money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud and other forms of integrity failure and criminality in business remain front page news, despite the widespread deployment of sophisticated systems, controls and e-Learning programmes designed to prevent them.”

Parkman added: “Somewhere along the line, we lost sight of something very important. We stopped trying to bring people in our organisations with us, and instead focused on creating digitised records of their ‘compliance’. It was almost like we stopped actually dealing with the problem and focused instead on at least being able to demonstrate that we had tried.”

In launching Lessons Learned On-Demand, the business is deliberately reaching out to the growing number of compliance professionals who want to start connecting with people again on a face-to-face basis, whether in real or virtual environments. “In the process,” concluded Parkman, “they’ll become more than just Spreadsheet Keepers-in-Chief, instead turning into active campaigners for integrity and compliance within their organisations.”

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