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Jacksons Fencing and Harper Chalice tighten up perimeter security in new working partnership

by Brian Sims

Jacksons Fencing has joined forces with Harper Chalice, a specialist manufacturer of Perimeter Intruder Detection Systems (PIDS), to deliver greater levels of security for discerning clients in the UK and abroad. The two companies working together “represents the strength of British manufacturing” in the perimeter security sector.

Cris Francis, head of commercial sales at Jacksons Fencing, commented: “As a channel partner, we aim to specify and use Harper Chalice’s PIDS in all of our high security schemes so as to provide clients with an enhanced, all-encompassing security solution. The new collaboration also means that we receive project leads from the team at Harper Chalice, in turn affording us more opportunities for specification.”

Chris Hackett, managing director at Harper Chalice, responded: “Our partnership with Jacksons Fencing means that we’re now able to consistently deliver quality high security perimeters for our myriad clients. When integrated with our PIDS units, perimeter fences are assured to have the best protection against physical attack, detecting penetration, cutting, climbing, jacking or any other attempts to sabotage the system.”

Bringing together their individual expertise to deliver a more complete package means that end user customers of Jacksons Fencing and Harper Chalice will benefit from a better aligned offer, subsequently reducing management and risk. The partnership has extended the cumulative reach of both businesses, enabling entry into new markets as well as helping to expand their offer for existing clients.

More recently, the companies collaborated to secure the site of one of the UK’s largest telecoms and Internet Service Providers. Jacksons Fencing supplied and installed its Securi-mesh fencing, single leaf manual gates and a double leaf automated swing gate. These perimeter security defences were emboldened by the addition of Harper Chalice’s PIDS and FenceSecure and included a SecureBus network to give central control and monitoring of the system.

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