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IP EXPO Europe research highlights Brits’ concerns over Artificial Intelligence and cyber security

by Brian Sims

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants now part of our daily lives, new research conducted by IP EXPO Europe (Europe’s enterprise IT event) has discovered that 60% of Brits are worried AI will lead to the hacking of their Internet-connected devices.

The research was conducted earlier this month by OnePulse, a consumer survey company, and studied the perception the UK public has about AI used in both cyber security and cyber attacks. It also finds that just over a quarter (26%) of respondents believe cyber criminals are not capable of using AI, listing reasons for this incapability being the fact that it’s too expensive and too complicated to use or simply that they don’t have access to it. This is a startling result given the increasing availability of free AI software programs online, highlighting just how oblivious the UK public can be in regards to big technology issues.

When it comes to fending off cyber attacks, just 28% of the UK public believe organisations are more secure if they use AI. By contrast, 34% believe using AI for cyber security will make no difference and that organisations will be hacked regardless of whether they’re using AI or not – a view perhaps reflecting the ever evolving cyber threats both businesses and individuals face in this day and age.

However, the potential for AI isn’t lost on everyone as 15% stated they would actually trust an organisation more if they knew it was using AI as part of the cyber security regime.

“By incorporating AI into cyber security, this can enable security teams to vastly improve the rate of anomaly detection and the accuracy of that detection,” commented Andy Steed, director of content for IP EXPO Europe. “Unsurprisingly, this means digital security products which include AI are an increasingly popular option for both public and private sector organisations looking to improve their cyber security capabilities.”

Steed continued: “At IP EXPO Europe 2018, we’ll be bringing together some of the world’s most well regarded experts in cyber security from across industry and Government to help organisations better understand the role AI can play in their cyber security strategies.”

Security professionals wanting to know more about how AI-supported cyber security can benefit their business should attend IP EXPO Europe 2018. This year, the event is co-located at Digital Transformation EXPO which incorporates Cyber Security X, Developer X, AI-Analytics X, Internet of Things X and Blockchain X.

*IP EXPO Europe 2018 runs on 3-4 October at ExCeL London. To register visit www.ipexpoeurope.com

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