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Infortrend announces 16G fibre channel storage

by Brian Sims

Infortrend has announced the release of its 16G fibre channel (FC) storage solutions. Built upon the EonStor DS G7i platform, the new models provide a full range of options for SMEs and enterprises looking to optimise and future-proof storage infrastructure. The new options are available for the same price as existing 8G FC storage for a limited period. Demand for increased bandwidth and higher throughput has added pressures on technology that powers datacentres, cloud services and high-volume servers. With the introduction of 16G FC, IT departments are given access to an FC with double the throughput of 8GB FC, but that also runs any multi-core processor, SSD-driven application and service, according to the manufacturer. Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning at Infortrend, stated, ‘The constant demands for faster and higher performance never cease, with enterprises and SMEs always looking to optimise their current systems as well as to future-proof them. Upgrading to 16G FC represents a great leap for those who have invested in fibre infrastructure.’ The storage solutions are available in 2U/12 bay and 3U/16 bay options in FC and Hybrid FC plus iSCSI forms. There are eight 16G FC EonStor DS G7i models available.

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