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IFSEC International welcomes return of Converged Security Centre powered by Vidsys

by Brian Sims

One of the outstanding highlights from IFSEC International 2018, the Converged Security Centre returns to this year’s show on an even bigger and better platform to showcase the very latest in integrated security management technology. Conceived and delivered by Vidsys, the Converged Security Centre is a state-of-the-art demonstration area which expertly highlights the advancement of Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) and how software, hardware and all forms of information media can be expertly used to gain a complete overview of a developing security situation.

Each day at IFSEC International 2019 (which runs from 18-20 June at London’s ExCeL), the Converged Security Centre will present a wide range of simulated security scenarios. These will relate to situations such as transport, the utilities, open spaces and infrastructure and reveal how integrated security systems can be aligned with supplementary information sources such as social media to provide end users with the whole developing picture.

As a practising security professional, if your role is to manage the security of a large-scale asset then the Converged Security Centre is an absolute must-attend feature. It will expertly show you how this technology provides a vital and integrated approach towards situation management and how, with a fully converged security system, end users can correlate multiple events into one situation, track major assets, execute efficient building management operations, mitigate cyber threats, monitor social networks and enable high-level information security resilience.

The Vidsys CSIM technology is the perfect integration platform for multiple systems and hardware to work in a fully-integrated manner. This year, Vidsys will be welcoming support from a number of global partners – including Ipsotek and Micro Focus – in order to demonstrate how a vast range of related technologies can work in tandem to provide a truly effective and highly efficient security solution.

CSIM provides a real-time technical solution that’s actively enhanced by Artificial Intelligence, in turn meaning that large volumes of data can be interpreted and processed to enable a more efficient response.

Experts from Vidsys will be on hand at IFSEC International to guide visitors on the uses of CSIM, as well as explain in detail how this integrated approach towards security management can provide effective and long-term resilience for any major asset or installation.

Gerry Dunphy: brand director for IFSEC and FIREX International

Gerry Dunphy: brand director for IFSEC and FIREX International

The Converged Security Centre is a cornerstone feature in IFSEC International’s role as a platform designed to show security professionals today’s technologies and capabilities in real-time, all of them delivered by world-leading experts with solutions they can trust. It’s also a key part of the IFSEC ‘Show Me How’ programme, providing direct access to learning and insights they would otherwise struggle to see.

James Chong, CEO of Vidsys, commented: “We’re thrilled to be part of the Converged Security Centre’s return at IFSEC International 2019 and to be working with our global partners and experts to showcase what a truly converged security solution can provide for organisations worldwide. Today, there’s a rapidly growing requirement for a converged security solution that monitors both physical and cyber security events under one unified software platform, especially due to the ever-increasing amount of data created in the world of the Internet of Things and Smart Cities.”

James Willison

James Willison

Gerry Dunphy, brand director for IFSEC International at UBM, added: “IFSEC is delighted to welcome Vidsys back to this year’s show as the key partner in the Converged Security Centre. This feature made a major impact at last year’s event, showcasing how integration and resilience can be achieved through the strategic use of CSIM. Visiting customers with key roles in safeguarding major assets will directly benefit from seeing the capabilities on display.”

James Willison (founder of Unified Security) and Sarb Sembhi (CISO at Virtually Informed) stated: “We’re delighted to be working with IFSEC International organiser UBM, Visdsys and their partners to bring together physical and information security professionals and converged technologies in one operations centre. The last few years have shown how important it is for physical security vendors to ensure that their products are resilient to cyber physical attacks, and it’s important for them to ensure that their products can integrate with enterprise threat intelligence tools. The Converged Security Centre showcases some of what is possible with integrated solutions.”

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