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ievo produces “comprehensive range” of BIM objects for NBS National BIM Library

by Brian Sims

ievo, the Newcastle-based manufacturer of biometric authentication technology, has been working closely with NBS to produce a comprehensive range of BIM objects for the NBS National BIM Library with a keen focus on fingerprint readers and control panels.

All ievo objects in the NBS National BIM Library are available in REVIT and IFC formats and have been made available to help specifiers, architects and contractors using BIM building practices to incorporate the very latest in biometric access control technology into their designs for the benefit of end users.

Ash Westgate, ievo’s marketing manager, commented: “The growth of BIM as a design tool for architects, engineers and other specifiers is transforming the way in which buildings are designed. We need to be involved in this new technology to be of assistance to our customers. Last year, the NBS conducted a survey of 1000 architects and contractors in which 70% of respondents said that using BIM technology had given them a competitive advantage.”

Westgate continued: “We have invested in BIM technology to make our products more accessible to architects and designers and further raise the profile as well as extend the visibility of the brand. Users can now deploy our technology by using smart BIM objects at the planning stages of development rather than leaving it towards the end of a project cycle.”

In conclusion, Westgate informed Risk Xtra: “Security in general, and particularly access control, is a vital requirement in commercial building projects which can be complex in terms of the planning, so it makes sense to incorporate the very latest technology into the designs. In addition, because BIM objects are now available in the most common formats used in design planning, consultants can add in the relevant objects at later stages of the development without having to worry about compatibility of software.”

Mandatory for major projects

In the UK and overseas, BIM is increasingly used by architects and designers for most larger construction projects. In Dubai, for example, a growing export market for ievo, BIM software is actually mandatory for all major projects and buildings (ie developments of over 40 stories or 300,000 square feet), alongside all Government, hospital, university and school projects.

Holly Burrows, account manager at the NBS, stated: “It has been a pleasure to work with ievo. The company has provided the first biometric fingerprint reader in our NBS National BIM library. Choosing NBS to author its BIM objects means that ievo’s solutions will be uniquely integrated within our digital BIM ecosystem that’s used by construction industry professionals of all disciplines around the world. It’s great to see the response they’ve already received from our customers and I very much look forward to continuing to support ievo on its BIM journey.”

The NBS National BIM Library is the only collection of high quality BIM objects certified to meet the NBS BIM Object Standard. It’s currently the UK’s fastest-growing BIM library with an extensive collection of both generic and manufacturer objects which designers can use throughout the timeline of their project.

*The ievo BIM objects can be accessed through the NBS National BIM library at https://www.nationalbimlibrary.com/ievo-ltd or through ievo’s own website at https://ievoreader.com/specifiers-and-consultants/

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