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IDIS introduces cost-effective camera range combining performance and failover technology

by Brian Sims

A landmark range of inexpensive, high performance 2 MP cameras has been launched by IDIS for surveillance applications that demand zero-compromise surveillance quality within a tighter budget. The new value range includes both Full-HD dome and bullet cameras and still comes with many of the high-end features found in IDIS’ best selling products, including analytics, superior night-time image capture, protection against image data loss and dual codec combined with IDIS Intelligent Codec to deliver significant bandwidth and storage savings.

Premium features built into the new range include IDIS Smart Failover as well as video motion detection, an active tampering alarm and trip zone analytics which are features not normally found at this price point.

The cameras deliver “superior picture quality” even at night, with IR image capture and true Wide Dynamic Range in varied lighting conditions. Users also benefit from significant savings in storage, with IDIS Intelligent Codec dual H.264/H.265 technology delivering up to a 90% reduction in bandwidth demand without any need for end users to upgrade existing monitors and hardware.

For integrators, the cameras have been developed with ease-of-installation as a priority. The three-axis mechanical design ensures more flexibility in mounting, while faster system set-up is achieved using DirectIP NVRs and PoE.

The new range of cameras targets small-to-medium surveillance challenges, including security and Health and Safety issues, for commercial applications such as retail outlets and offices. In these applications, protection against image loss and gaps in recording are important so the cameras also feature IDIS Smart Failover technology. This guarantees continued data capture during a wide range of potential fault conditions, such as network instability, failover or recorder failure, in turn ensuring that recordings are automatically updated without any gaps once the fault is resolved.

“Up until now, customers have often only used Failover technology on the most critical cameras because of the requirement for additional kit and the associated extra cost,”  explained Harry Kwon, general manager for IDIS across the Middle East and Africa. “However, with this new range end users can extend Failover protection system-wide, with high quality video capture now an affordable option across all cameras. Even with their value pricing, these cameras provide crystal clear images for live viewing as well as excellent recording performance and offer all the advantages of high-end features plus analytics.”

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