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HID Global “first to enable end-to-end ID and access management for physical and IT security”

by Brian Sims

HID Global, the secure identity solutions specialist, has announced “the industry’s first end-to-end identity and access management solution” that enables Government agencies and other organisations requiring higher security to use a single credential for accessing doors, IT systems, networks and data.

The company’s HID PIV (Personal Identity Verification) solution provides complete identity lifecycle management, from identity proofing plus secure credential issuance and use through to de-provisioning of these credentials. Organisations are now able to unify physical and IT security systems to create a far more seamless experience for end users, while also offering strong authentication applying trusted credential and other advanced security capabilities that are easier to procure, deploy and maintain.

“HID PIV represents the industry’s first comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that provides trusted identities for accessing both IT and physical domains,” said Brad Jarvis, vice-president and managing director of IAM Solutions with HID Global. “HID Global continues to develop fully-integrated solutions across its portfolio of products in a bid to provide a convenient and trusted experience for our customers.”

HID PIV helps Government agencies and other regulated industries such as banking, healthcare and transportation to improve their overall security posture and consolidate physical and IT security. The company’s PIV-based solution allows organisations to use strong cryptographic credentials for users to digitally sign e-mails or documents, decrypt e-mails or files, use full disk encryption and boot protection to secure laptops, protect sensitive print jobs with secure printing and leverage many other security capabilities.

The HID PIV solution is available in two options: Express and Enterprise. HID PIV Express provides a complete high-assurance, multi-factor authentication solution. The solution covers the complete lifecycle of the identity: from identity proofing and secure credential issuance to usage in IT systems and facilities access, in addition to credential retirement.

HID PIV Enterprise extends HID PIV Express with additional integration into the company’s Quantum Secure SAFE Software Suite, a Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) software solution that provides the common bridge between disparate physical and IT security systems.

The SAFE Suite augments HID PIV Enterprise with a variety of convenient, unified access control capabilities that deliver a more comprehensive view across otherwise disparate physical access control and visitor, tenant and contractor management systems, while also providing predictive risk analytics capabilities.

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