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HawkSight SRM launches two-day Leadership in Security Risk Management training course

by Brian Sims

HawkSight SRM has launched its new Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) development training course for security risk managers and consultants. Working in conjunction with UK-based Agile Group*, HawkSight SRM has designed this innovative course to equip participants with invaluable leadership and communication skills.

Interactive and focused, Leadership in Security Risk Management is a two-day module combining theory with experiential role play-led learning and individual coaching. It will arm security risk managers with the ability both to demonstrate the importance of risk-led organisational security and unlock the extensive cost savings it can bring to their host organisations.

A two-day modular course, Leadership in Security Risk Management has been developed by HawkSight SRM in response to the deployment of the latest methodology in the field and in conjunction with ISO 31000. It will enhance understanding of the practical application of ISO 31000-compliant Security Risk Assessment, teach key leadership skills to improve professionals’ ability to manage and motivate and lead existing teams.

Critically, the new course is also designed to improve communication skills and better equip risk managers to work with senior business leaders on aligning corporate security with enterprise security.

Paul Mercer, managing director of HawkSight SRM, informed Risk UK: “In today’s corporate environment, one of the biggest disconnects we see is between those responsible for security risk management and those occupying the Boardroom. Arming security risk professionals with the leadership skills they need to demonstrate where security risk sits within overall corporate security can only benefit those organisations. By improving leadership and communication skills among security risk managers, organisations can benefit extensively as it enables innovation and, when combined with the latest methodology, paves the way towards cost-savings through the deployment of the most appropriate security controls.”

Mercer also stated: “I’m excited to be unveiling this new addition to our training courses and to be working with existing and new clients on helping them develop the skills of their staff teams and, ultimately, improving the way in which they manage their security risks.”

This latest development from HawkSight SRM comes hot on the heels of the launch of the powered by Esri version of the company’s award-winning HawkSight Software (winner of the 2016 CIR Awards Security Risk Management Product of the Year category).

*All ILM-approved HawkSight SRM training modules are delivered in conjunction with UK-based Agile Group

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