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Governments are after terrorists, not common people

by Brian Sims

Disquiet has spread in the UK after documents leaked by former American intelligence analyst Edward Snowden, revealed the alarming levels of detail information governments can have over people’s internet usage and mobile communications. Although Snowden’s documents were mainly about the US National Security Agency (NSA), it is believed that the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has access to similar technology. Scott Fletcher, founder of internet firm ANS Group, believes that the vast majority of people should have nothing to worry about:” Sadly it is a fact of life that we all have to live with the threat of international terrorism,” says Fletcher.” These people are determined to attack our way of life and one of the most important weapons in their armoury is the internet. Terrorist cells do not operate in isolation and they rely on modern communication technology to gather information, talk to one another and garner support.” The leaked documents show that the programme gives government agencies ‘direct access’ to files from the servers of major companies such as Google and Facebook. Fletcher points out that this technology has been developed to help prevent terrorism and governments that neglect to use these tools will be held accountable if there is an attack which could have been prevented. Scott Fletcher adds:” The vast majority of us will have no interest to the security services and have nothing to fear about when it comes to an increase in surveillance. Of course, there needs to be checks and balances in place to protect people from overzealous government but surveillance is now a part and parcel of modern life.” The US Government has argued that the data mining operation is designed to spot and prevent terror plots.

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