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G4S Group’s CEO Ashley Almanza appointed chair of International Security Ligue

by Brian Sims
Ashley Almanza: CEO at G4S

Ashley Almanza: CEO at G4S

G4S Group’s CEO Ashley Almanza has been announced as the new chair of the International Security Ligue, an association of private security organisations responsible for defining, establishing and maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards within the private security industry worldwide.

The International Security Ligue was founded in 1934. Its registered offices are based in Berne, Switzerland. Maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards across the private security industry has been achieved through the very open and cordial exchange of ideas and experiences between member companies, all of whom are leading businesses in the countries they represent.

The International Security Ligue is now represented on all continents and in 34 countries. As a mark of the high esteem in which the Ligue is held worldwide, it’s represented in a consultative capacity as a non-governmental organisation at the United Nations and within the European Common Market.

Almanza commented: “With more than two million staff providing security and related services in over 120 countries, members of the International Security Ligue play a vital role, contributing to the security and safety of people and assets all over the world.  To be successful in this role, it’s vital that we employ the best people, apply effective screening and training and meet or exceed the requirements of national and international laws and ethical standards.”

He continued: “In our industry, we describe this as ‘compliance’, but what does compliance mean in the context of the global security market?  It means complying with the spirit and the letter of laws, regulations and rules governing our businesses. It also means upholding the standards expected of global leaders in security. Indeed, we know that the best organisations regard compliance as a minimum standard. For its part, the International Security Ligue promotes an approach which moves beyond compliance into Best Practice.”

Promoting health, safety and security

Almanza observed: “In the global security market in which we operate, we are accustomed to intense competition, but one area where co-operation would benefit the industry, customers and end users of services alike is that of safety and security standards and practices. On a daily basis, security officers, Cash-in-Transit crew members and other industry colleagues are facing new and evolving threats to their safety and to the valuable items they protect, both from external threats and from everyday hazards faced by them during their working day. Security companies across the world are investing in knowledge gathering, technology and training to prevent or minimise the impact of safety risks to colleagues, but often this process is taking place in isolation when a collective approach towards safety could have greater impact.”

According to Almanza, the sharing of information on safety threats and working together to support lawmakers and law enforcement agencies, in addition to pooling certain resources to prevent or mitigate risk, can have a positive impact for companies working in the security industry and, more profoundly, on the safety of colleagues delivering these important services on the front line.

“This is one area where members of the International Security Ligue can play a major role,” concluded Almanza. “Our goal has to be to eradicate injuries and fatalities across our industry. It’s a pretty tall order, one might say, but an entirely appropriate goal.”

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