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G4S Board “reviewing options” for separation of Cash Solutions from main Group

by Brian Sims

The Board of G4S is reviewing options for the separation of the Group’s Cash Solutions business from the Group following the establishment of the Global Cash Solutions division on 1 January 2018.

Since 2013, G4S’ portfolio management programme has created a focused Group with two principal business segments: Secure Solutions and Cash Solutions. The Board believes that a separation of Cash Solutions has the clear potential to enhance the focus and success of both businesses and unlock substantial shareholder value.

The review of separation options has commenced and is expected to be completed during 2019. An update will be provided when the Group’s full year financial results are issued next March.

G4S Group CEO Ashley Almanza said: “The implementation of our new organisation structure in January this year enables us to consider this separation in order to enhance the strategic, commercial and operational focus of both Secure Solutions and Cash Solutions. G4S Cash Solutions has a unique portfolio of market-leading cash management businesses serving customers in 45 countries across the globe. Our Retail Cash Solutions business is the clear market leader, providing cash payment software and services in some of the world’s largest markets. With innovative, industry-leading products and services and substantial market shares, G4S Cash Solutions is transforming cash management services in its markets.”

Ashley Almanza: CEO at G4S

Ashley Almanza: CEO at G4S

Almanza added: “G4S Secure Solutions is the global leader in security and delivers both conventional and integrated, technology-enabled security solutions to its customers across six continents. This business is very well positioned to address the global growth in demand for security services with a growing capacity to deliver integrated security solutions, an unrivalled global footprint and a premier brand in security.”

In conclusion, Almanza observed: “The review of our separation options offers an exciting opportunity to enhance our focus for the benefit of customers, shareholders and employees alike. Our aim is to establish two strong and independent businesses that are able to take advantage of their leading market positions and excellent service offerings to deliver sustainable and profitable growth.”

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