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First Aid and fire safety training for Magenta Security staff “saving lives and businesses”

by Brian Sims
Abbey Petkar: managing director of Magenta Security

Abbey Petkar: managing director of Magenta Security

Magenta Security’s decision to give all front line staff First Aid and fire safety training is already paying dividends for organisations and individuals across the country.

An observant security officer at one client site recently noticed a fire in an industrial incinerator. Having already undergone specialist fire safety training, the officer contacted the Emergency Services before taking measures to reduce the impact of the blaze.

Following the arrival of the Emergency Services on site and several hours of effort to put out the fire, the lead member of the fire crew commented that the security officer’s swift actions had kept the fire under control and stopped it from spreading to other parts of the premises, despite it destroying the incinerator.

In another incident, a Magenta Security officer rushed to the assistance of a member of the public who had collapsed outside a client’s building. According to paramedics attending the incident, the security officer’s quick thinking and actions in addition to their First Aid training helped save the person’s life.

“Our officers are often the first point of contact in many stressful situations,” commented Abbey Petkar, managing director of Magenta Security. “They need the right tools and training to make them effective in their roles. Consequently, we go far beyond standard security training to ensure that all of our officers have First Aid and fire safety qualifications. This allows them to respond swiftly and effectively to a number of challenging circumstances and support clients and members of the public alike in times of difficulty.”

Petkar went on to state: “Both officers have since been recognised by the clients involved as well as senior management here at Magenta Security for their outstanding work, quick thinking and bravery.”

Magenta Security’s head office is in Hounslow, with the business also running operations in Swindon, Birmingham, Manchester and Kent.

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