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Fire Industry Association Survey: “Is there a recruitment crisis in the fire industry?”

by Brian Sims

In past surveys, the Fire Industry Association (FIA) has discovered in the comments section that a good number of people were saying how hard it is to recruit new staff within the fire safety sector, but is this really the case? Or is it just the case for certain sectors within? The FIA is now launching a new survey to discover the extent of the problem. Is hiring more difficult by sector, by job role or by location? 

Maybe hiring is most difficult for portable fire extinguishing services, but only in the South West, or maybe it’s a national problem? Or perhaps there’ll be the discovery that hiring is difficult for fire alarm manufacturers or installation companies?

Maybe all sectors have an issue, but only for certain job roles? At this stage, the FIA doesn’t know, but with the help of Risk UK’s readers, and the industry in general, the organisation is seeking to find out.

This survey will help the FIA to understand and pin down exactly what’s happening in the fire industry and where the biggest and smallest problems with recruitment reside at present.

Armed with the information gathered, the Association will then be investigating ways in which to solve the recruitment problem and develop a potential project aimed at 16 to 25-year olds to inform them about careers in the fire industry, thereby rejuvenating the sector with fresh new faces and skills.

The survey consists of 11 questions and takes roughly three minutes to complete (though if the respondent writes lots of comments that could vary). By entering your details you have the opportunity to win a £50 Amazon voucher.

*Take part in the FIA’s survey now

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