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Evolution develops IP device designed to counter “billions” lost in self-service fraud

by Brian Sims

The retail division of Evolution, the international fire and security systems integrator, has come up with a simple way of managing a modern-day scourge – preventing fraud at the self-scanning checkout tills. A new, IP-based self-scan till monitoring system is now available, designed specifically to reduce shrinkage in busy retail environments.

Manufactured by Vista and installed in the UK by Evolution, the system features a 10” monitor and built-in IP camera that begins working as soon as a customer approaches the till. Motion sensors switch the display from a logo design to a live view of the camera while showing a ‘recording in progress’ message. Customers who then try and bypass the device by masking the camera will trigger an automatic audible alarm

As the monitor and camera are powered by Power over Ethernet, installation and connection to the recording device can be achieved with a single Cat5e cable. The combination of the wide-angle lens and 75 mm Vesa mount allows the monitor to be easily positioned to capture both the customer and the packing area. The aesthetic design fits in with the most modern of retail environments.

Philip McKelvey, head of retail sales at Evolution, believes that this simple solution could save retailers money and time. “According to a report last year*, UK retailers are losing more than £3.2 billion worth of goods from self-service tills each year, which equates to around £5 per person a month,” said McKelvey. “If this new technology saves only a fraction of the items ‘stolen’ at self-scanning tills, it will still save the UK retail industry hundreds of millions of pounds every year.”

*Source: VoucherCodesPro.co.uk

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