Euralarm issues White Paper on Outsourcing the Maintenance of Fire Safety and Security Systems

Euralarm has published a White Paper on Outsourcing the Maintenance of Fire Safety and Security Systems that’s specifically intended for building owners and managers. The purpose of the document is to create awareness around the risks of outsourcing this key function and afford guidelines when it comes to avoiding or minimising those risks. 

More and more building owners and managers are now outsourcing the maintenance of their buildings and systems to specialised FM companies. By doing so, the fire safety and security systems are often bundled together with other types of systems into one maintenance service contract. This type of approach lowers the overall costs, states Euralarm, while also reducing the number of service suppliers involved.

However, the maintaining of fire safety and security systems by generalist service suppliers also brings the risk of non-specialists becoming responsible for that maintenance.

For their part, the building owner or operator is responsible for ensuring that service providers are qualified and certified to carry out the work according to European and local standards, regulations and laws. In the event that a fire safety or security system fails to work properly, proof of verification from sub-contractors is crucial, stating they not only have the necessary qualifications and competent staff, but are also proficient in the appropriate standards, regulations and laws.

Euralarm is driving the establishment of quality levels for services tied to fire safety and security systems and has defined the levels of competence required of both organisations and employees involved in the planning, design, installation, commissioning, verification, handover and maintenance of such systems.

Euralarm encourages building owners and managers to use European Standard EN 16763 as a guidance document and to build the requirements for valid third party certification into tenders and contracts when deciding which service provider to choose.

*An electronic copy of the new Euralarm White Paper can be downloaded here

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