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EU Law Enforcement and Google confront terrorist propaganda in latest Europol Referral Action Days

by Brian Sims

On Monday 9 July and Tuesday 10 July, Europol’s Internet Referral Unit (EU IRU) organised the tenth joint Referral Action Days with colleagues from specialist units in the UK, Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands. This time around, the campaign was focused on different platforms belonging to Google and was attended by representatives of the American multinational technology company that focuses on Internet-related services and products.

Co-ordinated action against online terrorist propaganda determinedly focused mainly on the generation of terrorist materials produced by the so-called ‘Islamic State’ and ‘Al-Qaida’ and their sympathisers. Among the items referred were propaganda videos and social media accounts glorifying or otherwise supporting terrorism and violent extremism.

Since the creation of the EU IRU, Europol has enjoyed excellent co-operation with Google in tackling terrorism online. The latest event was an opportunity for all parties to review the kind of content that terrorist groups attempt to disseminate online and further improve the referral process with the common aim of ensuring that material glorifying terrorism will be removed from the Internet as soon as possible.

As concluded by Google representatives: “We found the Action Days productive and useful. Good progress was made in how we continue to work together.”

Referrals of terrorist content detected by the law enforcement specialists were swiftly reviewed by respective platforms. It is, however, important to emphasise that the final removal of the referred material is a voluntary activity by the platforms, taking into consideration their own Terms and Conditions.

During the Referral Action Days, Europol actively promotes a co-ordinated approach to fighting terrorist propaganda online. Similar joint action, involving EU Member States and online industry partners, will continue to be organised on a regular basis.

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