Home Technology dormakaba introduces MUTO M 60 sliding door solution to UK’s access control market

dormakaba introduces MUTO M 60 sliding door solution to UK’s access control market

by Brian Sims

Security and access control solutions developer dormakaba has launched its newest addition to the MUTO range: the MUTO M 60 sliding door system. This manual sliding door system offers simple installation, versatility and “exceptional” longevity, with a variety of options available for end users to create customised solutions.

The MUTO M 60 extends the MUTO range to accommodate smaller door widths with the product available in standard set sizes or bespoke ‘made to order’ solutions. This addition offers design scope for smaller passageways ranging from 600 mm to 1,300 mm: ideal for installation projects in hotels and restaurants as well as hospitality premises.

Designed for use with both glass panels (8-12 mm) as well as timber doors, the MUTO M 60 system also allows for both toughened safety glass (TSG) or – with reliable hold from dormakaba’s ‘Clamp and Glue’ technology – laminated safety glass (LSG) to be installed. With the addition of the optional DORMOTION unit, the door panel is gently guided into the end position.

The MUTO M 60 can be wall or ceiling mounted with or without fixed side panels. One of the significant benefits is the reduced gap between the door, wall or panel which is only 14 mm, keeping draughts and noise penetration to an absolute minimum. Its simplified installation and the front adjustability of many functions – including the improved anti-jump mechanism – now offer the same high level of user convenience as the rest of the MUTO sliding door range. The DORMOTION damping mechanism can also be retrofitted with ease. Depending on the model, the door panel height is variable by +4 mm/-2 mm by simply adjusting the fixing screw in the appropriate direction.

“We’re delighted to launch the newest addition to our MUTO portfolio,” commented Archie Teagle (product marketing manager at dormakaba). “We wanted to introduce a product that could accommodate smaller door widths. The M 60 does this without compromising on any of the key features found within the complete MUTO range.”

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