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Delta Security assists Woodbridge High School on ‘lockdown’

by Brian Sims

Delta Security, the CCTV and access control specialist, has assisted Essex-based Woodbridge High School to further enhance the safety of its pupils and staff with the installation of new swing gates that automatically close and restrict access in the event of a ‘lockdown’ scenario.

‘Lockdown’ is a procedure designed to quickly restrict access and egress to a given site or building (or part of it) through the use of physical measures in response to a threat, either external or internal in nature. The ‘lockdown’ system is designed such that the gates, situated at the school’s entrance, integrate with the existing access control and fob system. This enables school staff and visitors to access the site, but the system can be overridden and shut down by authorised school personnel if site ‘lockdown’ is required.

Redbridge Council has asked that all schools in the area put ‘lockdown’ systems in place, and Woodbridge High School – a co-educational comprehensive school for circa 1,650 pupils aged from 11 to 18, as well as 170 staff – is one of the first in the area to have mobilised its system.

The gates are fitted with a CAME Stylo automation, which is ideal for pedestrian gates, and feature a highly-robust 24 V self-locking motor that’s readily able to cope with intensive use.

Dave Mundy, operations director at Delta Security, told Risk UK: “‘Lockdown’ procedures are becoming increasingly prevalent in schools. We’ve seen increased interest from central London schools, especially those located near transport hubs such as St Pancras and Liverpool Street, and more recently in schools further out from the city centre.”

Frank Gordon, business manager at Woodbridge High School, added: “Each year, we build-in further layers of security. In today’s climate, it’s particularly important to ensure that our perimeter is always as secure as possible.”

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