Home News Crimestoppers renews partnership with NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services to tackle wrongdoing in the workplace

Crimestoppers renews partnership with NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services to tackle wrongdoing in the workplace

by Brian Sims
Crimestoppers has renewed its partnership with NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services to tackle wrongdoing in the workplace

Crimestoppers has renewed its partnership with NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services to tackle wrongdoing in the workplace

Independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers has extended its contract with NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services (CFS) for another two years. This announcement follows on from an initial six-month pilot project designed to tackle wrongdoing in the workplace.

Along with the anonymous information giving service, Crimestoppers provides a dedicated reporting service available to both the public and private sectors.

By using Crimestoppers in this way, NHS Scotland CFS can ensure that appropriate anti-fraud measures are in place to reduce any risk of wrongdoing.

A significant feature of the extended contract is that Crimestoppers will also host the online reporting function of the CFS website, in addition to the dedicated number that allows people to call with anonymous information at 08000 151628.

This service is available to NHS Scotland on a 24/7 basis and delivered by dedicated, highly-skilled agents who deal with any matters relating to financial wrongdoing in the workplace.

Call agents also receive additional training which includes direct input by clients to help create familiarity with their business in order to ensure the most detailed interviews take place for every telephone call.

Crimestoppers’ commercial manager Kate Johnston said: “Along with protecting the identity of members of the public who give us information, client security is paramount at Crimestoppers. We’re thrilled to be able to extend our partnership with NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services and we’re confident that the service will continue to be an asset to the organisation. We’re also happy to be able to offer NHS Scotland information routing via our anonymous online form as well as through our reporting line to ensure that it’s as easy as possible for information to be passed to us on a secure basis.”

Gordon Young, head of NHS Scotland Counter Fraud Services, added: “Much of the feedback CFS receives from staff working within the National Health Service in Scotland relates to their wariness and general reluctance to report anything suspicious, either face-to-face to another NHS colleague or when using a method of communication within the NHS domain. This is on the grounds of them wishing to remain anonymous. I feel that this latest development in our working relationship with Crimestoppers represents a significant step forward in addressing these concerns.”

Young added: “Crimestoppers is a market leader in this area. The organisation’s record on maintaining callers’ anonymity is unsurpassed. Combined with its professional approach to call handling, that makes the arrangement with Crimestoppers a highly attractive proposition for us.”

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Crimestoppers and University of Northampton Students launch ‘Be a Safer You for a Safer Community’ campaign

Crimestoppers has also launched a new campaign in conjunction with students at the University of Northampton. Building on previously successful campaigns at the university, this will now act as pilot activity for a wider national university strategy.

Entitled ‘Be a Safer You for a Safer Community’, this three-week student-led campaign will cover a different theme each day such as protecting possessions and personal safety, prompting students to think for themselves about the types of crimes that may be visited upon them.

Social media, pin boards and television screens around the campuses will all be used to enhance the daily messages.

Sue Langley, head of regions at Crimestoppers, said: “Young people are among the most common victims of crime which is why Crimestoppers developed its Fearless youth programme and takes the education of university students about crime so seriously. We’re thrilled to be working with the students at the University of Northampton on this project, guiding and empowering them to enact their own ideas and raise awareness within the university.”

Since Crimestoppers was formed in 1988, over 128,000 people have been arrested and charged while 1.5 million pieces of information have been passed to law enforcement agencies via the dedicated 0800 555111 telephone number and online form.

Crimestoppers works at a grassroots level across the UK helping to fight crime in local communities. The volunteer network is integral to its strategy, liaising with local law enforcement agencies, businesses and other charities to launch campaigns and events and generally assist in making local communities safer environments in which to live.

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