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Courageous Cash-in-Transit couriers acknowledged by BSIA with Special Awards for Outstanding Service

by Brian Sims

Two incredibly brave Cash-in-Transit couriers have been recognised by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) with Special Awards for Outstanding Service. The awards, which are sponsored by the BSIA’s intelligence sharing initiative SaferCash, serve to acknowledge the outstanding courage, initiative and composure displayed by couriers in the face of exceptionally challenging or dangerous circumstances.

The prestigious Special Awards for Outstanding Service were presented at the Association’s Annual Luncheon 2017, which was held on Wednesday 12 July at the Grand Connaught Rooms near Covent Garden in central London.

Discussing the value of the Special Awards, the BSIA’s CEO James Kelly commented: “Cash-in-Transit couriers undertake one of the most important and also most dangerous jobs in society as they move cash and valuables around the country, in turn helping to keep the economy running. While conducting these essential duties, couriers are placed at a high risk of attack, which can often be extremely violent in nature.”

Kelly continued: “Both of this year’s Special Award winners were confronted by extraordinarily dangerous situations, yet remained calm and composed in the face of adversity. They’re a testament to the hard work, bravery and dedication that Cash-in-Transit couriers exhibit in their roles every day. In what is our 50th Anniversary year, we’re extremely proud to have people like them working within the security business sector and we’re honoured to present them with these well-deserved accolades.”

Daniel Hennell

Daniel Hennell receives his Special Award from the BSIA's CEO James Kelly

Daniel Hennell receives his Special Award from the BSIA’s CEO James Kelly

The first of this year’s Special Award winners is Daniel Hennell, a Cash-in-Transit vehicle driver for G4S Cash Solutions (UK). Hennell was making a delivery to a local store when he was faced with an extremely difficult situation. He was approaching the rear of his vehicle with a cash container when an attacker wearing a dark hooded top, a mask and bandana appeared, brandishing what appeared to be an imitation revolver-style gun.

The attacker punched Hennell in the face with such force that his helmet visor was lifted up. Despite the force of the attack, Hennell managed to push his personal attack alarm, just as the attacker fired the hand gun in the air while making a demand for the cash box.

Hennell struggled with the attacker, who then held the hand gun at point blank range to his chest. At this point, Hennell remained calm and made the judgement that the hand gun wasn’t a real weapon. Bravely, he backed away from his attacker and retreated into the store with the cash box.

Hennell’s composure and courageousness meant that the attacker fled the scene without any cash, resulting in a nil loss attack for G4S Cash Solutions (UK).

Talking about his Special Award, Hennell stated: “I’m pleasantly surprised to have won this award. I wasn’t even aware that I had been nominated. I feel that I was just doing my job. I’m proud to have been recognised by the BSIA. After being involved in the security industry for approximately 20 years in various towns and cities, the thing that always strikes me is the willingness to help, assist and teach from everybody who’s involved. My future aspirations within the industry are simple. They are to continue to do my job effectively with a smile on my face and to continue to listen and learn from people around me.”

Paul Cockerham

Paul Cockerham of G4S Cash Solutions (UK) pictured with James Kelly

Paul Cockerham of G4S Cash Solutions (UK) pictured with James Kelly

The second Special Award winner in 2017 is Paul Cockerham, also a Cash-in-Transit driver for G4S Cash Solutions (UK) who was faced with a life-threatening situation. Cockerham had arrived at a customer’s site to begin a collection service, parking outside the customer’s premises with very good visibility. As he was walking back to his vehicle with a cash container holding £20,000, Cockerham heard a car speeding up nearby. It was then that he saw the car being driven towards him. The car struck Cockerham and knocked him to the ground.

At this point, a second attacker started running towards Cockerham. Despite the force of the impact, he managed to get to his feet and open the rear door of his vehicle, placing the cash box within the airlock. Before he was able to safely climb into the airlock himself, the attackers pulled Cockerham backwards away from the vehicle and to the ground.

Luckily, Cockerham was able to close the vehicle’s door as they did this, consequently securing the box and its contents. A struggle ensued between Cockerham and the two attackers, with punches being traded before the attackers ran away empty handed.

Cockerham displayed tremendous courage and commitment to his role, with his actions meaning that this episode was also a nil loss attack for G4S Cash Solutions (UK).

When asked how he felt about his Special Award, Cockerham enthused: “I feel ecstatic. I didn’t expect this. After all, I was just doing my job.”

Talking about the winners’ achievements, Gareth Skinner (head of operational risk for G4S Cash) said: “Daniel Hennell and Paul Cockerham showed remarkable courage in the face of substantial danger and they richly deserve these Special Awards for Outstanding Service. We’re lucky to have them in our team. Both are an inspiration to their colleagues, our company and the wider industry.”

Skinner went on to state: “While technology has helped us to reduce the risks that cash crews confront, these attacks are a reminder of the bravery of people across the industry who face down threats in order to keep cash circulating. They help to safeguard the prosperity of communities and our economy and, as such, they have the right to come home safely at the end of their shift. We’re resolutely committed to continuing to invest in technology, help the police to secure prosecutions against the gangs behind Cash-in-Transit criminality and, ultimately, improve safety for everyone working in the sector.”

Significant and life-long contributions to the industry recognised by BSIA Chairman’s Awards

Some of the security industry’s most influential practitioners have been presented with prestigious BSIA Chairman’s Awards in recognition of the significant contributions they’ve made to the ongoing success of the UK’s private security industry.

The awards were personally selected by the BSIA’s Chairman, Dirk Wilson, and serve to recognise significant or life-long contributions in five different categories: Contribution to Standards, Contribution to the Community, Contribution to the Industry, Contribution to Training and Contribution to Exporting.

Again, this year’s award winners were presented with their accolades at the Trade Association’s Annual Luncheon. Speaking during the presentations, Dirk Wilson commented: “It’s a huge pleasure to formally recognise the contributions of this year’s winners, all of whom have made a lasting impression on the security industry through their dedication, commitment and passion.”

The Chairman’s Award for Contribution to Standards was presented to Tim Geddes. Geddes has been described as one of the ‘founding fathers’ of the electronic security industry and has helped to shape the industry we have today over the course of more than four decades. He was involved in the days of NACOSS, liaising with the police service to regulate and reduce the number of false alarms from which the early systems suffered.

Geddes also spent many years as chairman of the BSIA’s Security Systems Section and represented the Association at police industry liaison meetings where he always put forward the BSIA’s views to ACPO armed with a sound background knowledge.

The Chairman’s Award for Contribution to the Community was presented to David Cain and Fiona Noble of Sword Security (Northern Ireland). Cain and Noble have both been an active and consistent presence in the local communities in which the business operates. They’ve sponsored local sports teams for many years and have also arranged regular fundraising activities for charities such as the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice, the Girls Brigade, Macmillan Cancer Charities and Action Cancer (to name but a few).

Cain and Noble have also been instrumental in the development of a partnership with EmployAbility South Belfast, which is a forum that assists people within the local community to attain the relevant qualifications and skills needed in order to gain employment. Through their company and the partnership, unemployed individuals who want to begin a career in the security business sector are given the opportunity of securing employment with the company upon successful completion of the programme and the relevant qualification courses.

Paul Tennent (left) receives the Contribution to the Industry accolade on behalf of his late father Mike Tennent from BSIA chairman Dirk Wilson

Paul Tennent (left) receives the Contribution to the Industry accolade on behalf of his late father Mike Tennent from BSIA chairman Dirk Wilson

When it came to the Chairman’s Award for Contribution to the Industry, the Association chose to honour the late Mike Tennent, one of the industry’s finest and most influential individuals. Tennent founded Tavcom Training in 1994 and built the business to become the clear leader in security systems training in the UK and a major provider in many other countries across Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

With the help of local partners, Tavcom courses are now available to students in Dubai, Ghana, Singapore, Kuwait, Oman, South Africa and the US.

Tavcom’s growth was never at the expense of quality as Tennent insisted on the very highest standards. He played a pivotal role in the professionalisation of an industry wherein many aspects of regulation, licensing and training were once minimal or non-existent.

Tennent was an absolute Gentleman and is very much missed by his many friends and colleagues right across the security industry.

The Chairman’s Award for Contribution to Training was presented to Lucie Banham of the Banham Group. This award is particularly special as it serves to recognise those who’ve made significant contributions towards equipping the industry with the skills and knowledge required to develop and innovate.

Banham has received the award for her involvement in the establishment of The Banham Academy, which offers traineeship and apprenticeship schemes to those looking to develop a career in the security and emergency systems industry.

The Banham Academy works with colleges and other agencies to offer employment opportunities for young people and holds Centre Approval status with both Edexcel and Highfield as well as being Matrix Standard accredited.

Lucie Banham has shown staunch support for apprenticeships in general and, more specifically, how an apprenticeship in the security industry is a fantastic career prospect with plenty of opportunity for progression.

Banham herself said: “I’m honoured to be awarded the BSIA Chairman’s Award for Contribution to Training. I’m extremely proud of the team behind The Banham Academy and all the hard work they’ve put into developing and training all of our apprentices and trainees. This award is really in recognition of all of them, too. It’s so important to invest in future generations and give young people the opportunity to grow a long-term career. We’re firmly committed to ensuring a pipeline of bright, young engineers not just for the Banham Group, but also for the industry as a whole.”

Kevin Faulker, head of The Banham Academy (pictured above receiving the trophy on the day), informed Risk UK: “This is a proud moment for The Banham Academy. To be recognised for our commitment to supporting young people and giving them the training and skills to build careers within the security industry is very special. We understand just how vital it is to invest in young people and ensure that our industry continues to grow thanks to talented and skilled engineers.”

Last, but not least, the Chairman’s Award for Contribution to Exporting was presented to GJD Manufacturing, a specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of professional external detector equipment.

The company’s products range from CCTV and lighting controllers to white light and infrared LED illuminators used in the intruder surveillance industry. Highly regarded within the UK’s security industry and, indeed, throughout a wide range of international markets, the company has built an impressive network of trusted distributors worldwide and is a regular exhibitor at the industry’s key trade shows around the globe.

An active member of the BSIA’s Export Council, GJD Manufacturing shares information and knowledge with other exporters and promotes the BSIA’s Export Council brand values.

Earlier this year, GJD was recognised with the UK’s highest accolade for international business success, namely the Queen’s Award for International Trade 2017.

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