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Code of Practice for CCTV installations updated by National Security Inspectorate

by Brian Sims

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) has launched a new edition of its CCTV Code of Practice for the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV surveillance systems: NCP 104 Issue 3. This edition includes guidance on protecting systems from cyber risks, and also emphasises the importance of thoroughly assessing customer security risks and requirements when developing CCTV system designs.

Customers buying CCTV surveillance systems designed, installed and maintained to comply with this latest edition can be assured of their security needs being fully assessed, documented and agreed prior to any design work, system design addressing agreed security needs, usability and operating requirements including network (cyber) security, thorough validation and testing of the CCTV system, appropriate user training and fully-documented maintenance requirements.

The new NCP 104 provides installers with detailed recommendations and guidance to be followed as part of delivering a CCTV system design and ensures the sustainability, functionality and effectiveness of a system.

A notable point for installers is that the Code is in line with the latest standard BS EN 62676-4:2015 (the current application guidelines for the use of video surveillance systems in security applications), but simplifies the process of system development and testing by omitting specific requirements regarding system grading and the use of some specific image testing requirements.

Network security and video analysis

The Code also introduces requirements for design areas such as network (cyber) security, detectors, video analysis, audio and cabling that are not covered by BS EN 62676-4 and encompasses current technologies and terminology.

The Code stands alone from BS 8418 which relates to the installation of remotely-monitored, detector-activated CCTV systems.

Tony Weeks, the NSI’s head of technical services, told Risk UK: “End user customers can rely on installers working with the new Issue 3 of the NSI Code to fully document and understand their requirements such that CCTV system design is fit for purpose. The Code can help in delivering Best Practice for the smallest system right up to the most complex of surveillance installations.”

The new edition supersedes NCP 104 Issue 2, which will be withdrawn from use on Monday 30 April this year. Customers seeking compliance with the new Code prior to this date should check with their NSI-approved installer.

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