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Cloud-based surveillance for restaurant

by Brian Sims

Genetec has announced that its cloud-based video monitoring service, Stratocast, is helping restaurants throughout North America to safeguard their patrons and inventory. One early Canadian-based adopter is the China Rose restaurant, an Asian cuisine establishment located in Calgary, Alberta. According to China Rose Owner and General Manager, Ken Wong, having a video surveillance system has always been a key operations requirement to help keep an eye on who is coming and going from the restaurant, to ensure the well-being of guests and staff, and maintain video records for incidents involving liability claims and inventory theft. Having previously installed an analogue-based digital video recorder (DVR) in the restaurant, Wong encountered numerous limitations, including poor picture quality and difficult-to-access video footage and so looked for a new system to improve the situation. A few weeks into the new installation, China Rose is already seeing advantages to its cloud based surveillance system compared to the older analogue-based DVR system:” With my old DVR, I could only review video while at the restaurant, and the system made it difficult to find what I was looking for without having to sift through hours of recorded footage. When we moved to Stratocast, it was also surprising to see the drastic improvement in the level of detail in the video. It has been really amazing to have such clear images at my disposal,” added Wong. Since switching to a cloud-based solution, Wong has also been able to retain video recordings for longer periods. While his DVR would only allow him to keep about one week of recordings, Stratocast now enables him to retain and quickly access up to four weeks of footage.

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