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Client portal introduced by Officer Connect as part of ‘virtual’ engagement solution for guarding

by Brian Sims

Officer Connect has launched a new client portal as an integral part of its ‘virtual’ engagement solution for the security guarding industry. The portal enables clients to have total visibility of their entire security portfolio and the men and women for whom they’re responsible.

Recorded interviews between employees and the Officer Connect team can be reviewed alongside a transcript of the conversation that has taken place, with any key areas of concern or issues appropriately ‘red-flagged’.

The portal also enables users to view and amend schedules for every site and every officer, as well as quickly and easily create ‘new’ officer profiles to add to those uploaded at the start of mobilisation. Summary reports can be automatically sent as a PDF. The new portal also supports basic administration.

Officer Connect is designed to improve security officer well-being and support security providers in their contractual and moral obligations to customers and staff. The company provides ‘Virtual Visits’ as an enhancement to the ‘traditional’ approach of visits by mobile supervisors out of hours.

Using state-of-the-art video and audio technology, Officer Connect is able to engage with officers at various levels, from simple welfare checks through to more detailed site visits and staff appraisals any time on a 24/7 basis.

Steve Kennedy, director and founder of Officer Connect, firmly believes that the portal provides all of the essential information a client wants at their fingertips.

“It not only assists with the day-to-day running of their portfolio, but also helps them to meet their Health and Safety obligations for staff well-being,” said Kennedy in conversation with Risk UK. “The portal allows the client to access, track and compare progress across their individual sites and officers, enabling the effective delivery of site management and personnel development.”

Access to the portal is protected via a unique log-in and passwords.

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