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Catherine De Bolle succeeds Rob Wainwright as executive director of Europol

by Brian Sims
Catherine De Bolle

Catherine De Bolle

Catherine De Bolle, who previously served as Commissioner General of the Belgian Federal Police from 2012, has begun working in her new role as executive director of Europol – the EU agency for law enforcement co-operation – at the organisation’s headquarters in The Hague. De Bolle takes over from Rob Wainwright, whose term of office expired on 1 May 2018 after nine years in service. Her tasks involve overseeing administrative duties, the management of 1,000-plus personnel and, indeed, the overall performance of Europol.

“It’s with great enthusiasm that I take up the position of executive director of Europol,” explained De Bolle. “Joining Europol is both an honour and a pleasure. The organisation is seen as a pre-eminent law enforcement agency and I intend for that to remain the case. This means focusing on the support delivered to national law enforcement authorities and ensuring that our services truly deliver added value to our stakeholders.”

De Bolle concluded: “The increasing scale of the flow of information to Europol is both our greatest asset and our most significant challenge. I want Europol to be recognised as a leading centre for criminal data analysis.”

De Bolle was appointed as Europol’s new executive director by the Council of the European Union on Thursday 8 March, ranking first from a list of suitable candidates proposed by the Management Board of Europol. The decision won the confidence of the majority of EU Member States.

Europol staff members welcome the appointment and now very much look forward to working with De Bolle to achieve a safer Europe.

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