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Castel intercoms integrate with leading security management systems

by Brian Sims

Castel has announced the integration of its intercom products with two big-name Johnson Controls (formerly Tyco) security products: the C-CURE access control solution from Software House and the Victor unified video management system from American Dynamics.

As a result, Castel products can now be integrated with the C-CURE 9000 security management system, allowing users to monitor and communicate with entry points. This enables operators to interact with Castel intercoms directly from their C-CURE 9000 client, providing 24-hour monitoring of intercoms and enabling multiple operators to interact with the same system and allow for cross-monitoring.

Features include the integration of C-CURE 9000 with Castel PBX and intercoms in standalone mode, the support of communications using an in-client intercom with one-way video, PBX and intercom status-monitoring, support for auto-populating device tree and Dual Tone Multi-Frequency codes for custom intercom actions. 

Victor’s unified video management application synchronises video surveillance with access control, fire, intrusion and other systems into a single intuitive interface. The software’s collaboration tools allow operators to share visual and analytic data across a whole enterprise, providing enhanced situational awareness. It also connects with Castel’s Xellip Series of IP intercom systems, in turn providing seamless integration with the unified Victor software and enabling end users to view all alarms on one screen.

Events and calls can be associated with a video tag from the intercom cameras, while trigger commands may be linked to the intercom panel, for example, to point a camera at a car park Help Point when a call is made.

In addition, the intercom can be controlled via the system’s interactive map interface. For small and medium-sized solutions, the integration allows a direct connection between the IP intercom and the Victor system, thus dispensing with the need for a server.

“Castel’s integration with these industry-leading applications enables our products to be included easily in enterprise-level security systems,” said Atmane Bensghir, Castel’s business development manager for the UK and Ireland. “The end result is a seamless integration enabling two-way communication between, and the monitoring of our intercoms with these security management systems.”

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