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BAFE unveils “groundbreaking” scheme focused on kitchen fire protection systems

by Brian Sims

BAFE has unveiled the detail underpinning its latest scheme to be made available for third party certification assessment. Over the last couple of years, the independent register of quality fire safety service providers has been developing BAFE SP206, a new third party certification scheme that covers the design, installation, commissioning, recharge and maintenance of kitchen fire suppression/extinguishing systems.

Fire industry/insurance data reveals that food and drink-related fires are statistically the third most likely cause of large fires and account for nearly 10% of all large loss fires. Fires involving restaurants and cafes represent some 42% of all fires within the food and drink sector put together.

Chris Auger, schemes manager at BAFE, stated: “Third party certificated competence for contractors providing kitchen fire protection system works has been sadly missing in the UK. It’s something we felt was essential to address. End users and procurement specialists should have access to demonstrably competent providers for kitchen fire protection systems. We’re now delighted to officially announce the scheme.”

Developed in tandem with industry experts from Ansul, Amerex and Nobel Fire Systems alongside certification bodies the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and the British Standards Institution, this latest BAFE scheme enhances the level of quality for these specific works to ensure a safer working kitchen environment, but is also designed to facilitate the reduction of kitchen fires and prevent them from escalating to an uncontrollable and dangerous situation.

John Davidson (head of field operations for systems at the NSI) informed Risk Xtra: “Providers of kitchen fire protection systems who wish to offer robust evidence of competency to their clients will be able to obtain independent third party approval certificated to the new BAFE SP206 scheme. The NSI was delighted to be invited by BAFE to help develop this groundbreaking scheme. It’s a ‘first’ in the UK fire market. In the commercial property world, this scheme has the undeniable potential to significantly reduce the risk to life associated with fire as well as protect property from fire and associated consequential loss arising from poorly protected kitchen environments.”

*The BAFE Kitchen Fire Protection Systems (SP206) Scheme will be available for third party certification assessment via the NSI. Visit the BAFE website at www.bafe.org.uk for more information

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