Atkins to lead cyber security model and framework development for HumanDrive connected and autonomous vehicle

Design, engineering and project management group Atkins has been chosen to develop the cyber security model and framework for the HumanDrive Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) project. Supported by consultancy SBD Automotive, Atkins’ work will ensure that the vehicle is digitally secure, resulting in a safer driving experience. The HumanDrive consortium has recently won a grant from Innovate UK under the CAV2 programme.

The objective of the HumanDrive project is to build an autonomous vehicle with human-like natural control and path planning by 2020. The vehicle will be fully autonomous and capable of completing a lengthy end-to-end journey in a variety of settings, including along country roads, A-roads and motorways. It will also be designed to mimic the style of a proficient human driver in order to provide an enhanced experience for occupants.

Keith Turner, head of cyber security development at Atkins, explained: “Any autonomous vehicle is potentially vulnerable to a range of threats, including cyber tampering, DDoS attacks or information disclosure. On that basis, our work will include comprehensive threat analysis, risk assessment and security requirement identification of the HumanDrive system to mitigate these threats. The resulting security model will encompass the HumanDrive vehicle platform, supporting both infrastructure and the project as a whole. This work is a key component for the safe and successful trialling of autonomous vehicles in a full test environment before they join the road network.”

The project leverages Atkins’ multi-sector cyber resilience and intelligent mobility expertise to help further the UK’s ambition of being a global leader when it comes to the introduction of CAVs to mainstream transport and infrastructure. This will bring passenger and driver benefits such as improvements to time, safety and overall cost of ownership.

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Brian Sims BA (Hons) Hon FSyI Editor, Risk UK Pro-Activ Publications

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