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Ashridge Group strengthens presence in Critical National Infrastructure sector

by Brian Sims

Security specialist Ashridge Group is now managing the security for a major energy provider as it re-commissions two compressor stations located in Cambridgeshire. The sites are being upgraded as part of a £113 million National Grid contract, with Ashridge Group providing on-site security services for an initial period of five years.

The effective management and application of the energy provider’s security operations is crucial to maintaining these Critical National Infrastructure services. Working in partnership with VPS, the specialist provider of vacant, occupied and site security solutions, Ashridge Group is providing 24/7 high level resilience cover on both sites.

With the security teams already in place, an additional patrol is due to be added to one of the sites in due course, dedicated to maintaining strict access controls as the construction works progress and new entrance and exit points open up.

Acknowledging the need to combine physical and technical solutions in the overall security matrix, Wayne Webster (key account manager at VPS), informed Risk Xtra about how its advanced mobile CCTV solutions support Ashridge Group’s teams on the ground in delivering technical security at the perimeter.

“The key to success lies in achieving a ‘defence-in-depth’ strategy,” outlined Webster. “We’re confident that, in partnership with VPS, and through the layered measures we have in place, we’re well positioned to deliver the high level security requirements needed to protect these assets.”

VPS’ award-winning JCB Smart Tower delivers effective CCTV monitoring and recording on a 24/7 basis. Proven for use in other high risk application areas, this rapidly deployable solution – which is equipped with a vandal-proof camera, infrared illuminators, movement detectors and PA system – can also ‘see in the dark’ and detect heat as well as light.

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