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Anvil announces partnership with Airbnb to safeguard corporate business travellers

by Brian Sims

Anvil, the travel and operational risk company, has connected its Employee Travel Monitoring System (ETMS) with short-term rental giant Airbnb. This direct connection will significantly ease the booking burden and enable organisations to maintain their Duty of Care requirements for corporate travellers now wishing to use Airbnb as a business travel accommodation provider.

The shared space rental economy is growing in popularity. Many individuals are now making use of these short-term rental options outside of work, but are then restricted to more traditional options when it comes to business travel. The benefits of using such services are clear: more relaxed and homely surroundings for the business traveller combined with reduced costs for the organisation. It’s therefore becoming a more appealing option for all concerned.

As corporate travellers continue to search for a temporary ‘home-away-from-home’ while they’re on a business trip, their organisations still need to ensure that they’re able to track, locate and communicate with them in order to provide the appropriate levels of Duty of Care. This latest development at Anvil allows clients to do just that.

Historically, any bookings made outside of the standard Global Distribution System route didn’t sit well with travel risk management systems, requiring additional manual administration on the part of the travel booker in order to ensure the data was appropriately received and logged. This often meant that, although flight details were recorded, the ultimate accommodation details would be missing, leaving organisations unable to account for their people in times of risk. With Anvil’s ETMS now accepting booking data directly from Airbnb, this is a thing of the past for clients who wish to use Airbnb as one of their accommodation options.

Peter Davies, Anvil’s head of research and technical development, said: “Corporate travellers and those booking travel on their behalf are busy people and don’t want to be bogged down by excessive form-filling and administration. The more we can reduce this burden the better. By building a direct feed from Airbnb, we’re now able to capture these accommodation reservations directly. The Airbnb connection mechanism works in the same way as our direct GDS connections, thereby ensuring a smooth and secure transfer of data.”

In April this year, Airbnb released statistics that proved their popularity with the business traveller is definitely on the increase. The company has stated: “Airbnb gives travellers a chance to live in a city when travelling for work. This is one of the reasons employees from more than 250,000 companies in over 230 countries and territories have signed up to use Airbnb for work. In 2016 alone, the number of business trips on Airbnb tripled. Today, nearly 10% of trips on Airbnb are for work.”*

With Anvil’s direct connection to Airbnb, clients can now rest assured that, should they wish to move away from the more traditional hotel booking route and source accommodation via Airbnb, they can do so safe in the knowledge that their booking details are automatically captured.

Organisations can now allow their business travellers far greater choice and flexibility in their accommodation options, while at the same time still maintaining that all important Duty of Care provision.

*Source: https://press.atairbnb.com/business-travel-announcement/

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