Home Case Studies Amthal Fire & Security leads the way in securing one of Britain’s oldest independent schools

Amthal Fire & Security leads the way in securing one of Britain’s oldest independent schools

by Brian Sims

Amthal Fire & Security has created a scaleable programme of works to upgrade security at St Albans School and ensure staff and pupils can inspire learning and develop values and skills to the highest standards in a secure environment. 

With former students including Professor Stephen Hawking, St Albans School – ‘the first school in Hertfordshire’ – has a rich history as a leading and celebrated independent boys’ school and co-educational Sixth Form.

With an architectural mixture of buildings dating back from the Roman-era cellar to modern extensions built in the 1990s, all set alongside a well-equipped field study centre and sports facilities, the grounds-care team was keen to ensure security was kept up-to-date.

Gary Douglas, estates manager at St Albans School, commented: “As a school catering for over 860 pupils, it’s our priority to deliver a robust level of security for everyone who works and learns here. In addition, the historical significance of the site is something we’re immensely proud of and we’re fully committed to ensuring the buildings and facilities are cared for at every level.”

Douglas continued: “With a view to upgrading our security to enable smarter solutions, Amthal Fire & Security was able to present an all-encompassing solution from perimeter systems through to CCTV and internal access control. These enhancements were carefully planned into a programme of works that’s scaleable to work around learning timetables and the continued projects designed to further our academic and co-curricular facilities.”

Amthal worked closely with the team at St Albans School right from the initial design process, acting in a project management capacity to ensure the right security systems were selected to suit the school.

Not only did this project require solutions that offered the smartest capability for the perimeter systems, where Avigilon CCTV systems have been installed, but also working within school buildings and including Paxton access control solutions that could be installed seamlessly, all without compromising the historical ambience of the architecture throughout the site.

Paul Rosenthal, sales director at Amthal, added: “There has been a school on the Abbey Gateway site for more than 1,000 years. Today, St Albans School is one of the leading day schools in the country. It’s a centre of educational excellence, occupying a campus that has been transformed and continues to grow. It’s an absolute privilege as a local company to be on board to support the Estates Team in securing the site. We were very careful in our planning and design stages to structure a full team approach with leading suppliers and present an expandable solution with the capacity to integrate with the requirements of this very impressive multi-dimensional educational institution.”

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