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All-new beta website launched by National Cyber Security Centre on Internet’s 30th Anniversary

by Brian Sims

Advice on staying safe from cyber threats has never been so easy to find after the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) launched its redesigned website. Part of GCHQ, the NCSC aims to help people of all cyber expertise through its new site, which was launched on the 30th Anniversary of Tim Berners Lee’s creation of the World Wide Web.

Central to the re-design has been creating new sections configured around the specific needs of those using it, meaning that users will spend less time looking for the guidance they need and more time reading it.

Stuart T, the NCSC’s digital product manager, said: “We want our website to become the UK’s Home Page for cyber security. Cyber risks pose a real threat to us all, and we have tailored a site to help all users, from FTSE 350 giants to family businesses as well as individuals and families who want to know a bit more about how to secure their devices around the home. We’re aiming to create a community and are asking for feedback on the new site such that we can continually improve our offering and ensure our site is always user-centred. This is not the end of our improvements. Rather, it’s the beginning.”

The website was created after extensive user research, the results of which have been employed to develop concise guides tailored to each audience, multi-page articles for complex topics and an alert banner on the Home Page with important advice and guidance during live cyber security incidents.

Ciaran Martin: CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre

Ciaran Martin: CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre

The NCSC remains committed to demystifying cyber jargon, and will continue to explore innovative ways in which to present content in a way that appeals to each audience.

While security and risk management were central to every stage of the website’s design, another key decision the NCSC made was to make it as secure as necessary, rather than as secure as possible.

On that note, Richard C (the NCSC’s chief security architect) said: “The National Cyber Security Centre has always said organisations should invest in an appropriate amount of security and that’s what we’ve done with our new website. There’s often a tendency among the cyber security community to set the bar as high as possible. We want to show that the vital thing is sensible risk management so we’ve focused on making our user experience fantastic and our security good enough.”

In conclusion, Richard C stated: “When designing computer systems, we always tailor our approach to the system in question. Our website is intended to openly share content with the public. On that basis, it has quite different controls to systems that handle information which we need to keep private.”

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