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Abloy UK set to host interactive webinar on key subject of security integration for end users

by Brian Sims

Security expert Abloy UK is hosting an interactive webinar at 10.00 am on Thursday 24 May with a view to answering the question: “When is a key more than just a key?” Hosted by Pip Courcoux (sales and product manager for CLIQ Systems) and Steve Wintle (head of CNI at the company), the webinar will discuss security integration in great depth and examine how organisations can maintain the strict standards required for security while at the same time enhancing operational efficiencies. 

Courcoux explained to Risk UK: “Technology has come a long way since the invention of the key, with today’s systems now offering a wide scope of benefits to organisations, including increased operational efficiencies and cost savings, in addition to high security. Keys are no longer ‘just keys’ in the traditional sense. Rather, they have become technologically connected devices. This opens up a realm of opportunities, including integration with existing enterprise resource planning, Health and Safety, competence, Permit to Work, telemetry and SCADA systems. In the critical infrastructure space, the hybrid between mechanical and electronic technologies is ‘key’ to its success, improving planning and control processes.”

Pip Courcoux

Pip Courcoux

Continuing this theme, Courcoux concluded: “End users have secure access to an online management application from anywhere in the world and can change key access permissions, profiles, schedules and validity, even revoking their use virtually at the click of a button. Keys can be validated daily, weekly or monthly, keeping them continuously secure. Detailed audit trails are also generated. What’s more, physical security may be integrated with existing telemetry systems to help control and manage operations.”

*To learn more about this subject join the webinar: https://meet.assaabloy.net/com/pip.courcoux/USABMI41

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