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“40% of office workers feel negative corporate welcomes damage brands” reveals Proxyclick White Paper

by Brian Sims

Next generation visitor management software developer Proxyclick’s White Paper entitled ‘The Integrated Visitor Experience’ explores new ways in which integrated building, security and workplace management technologies are delivering the VIP experience customers now expect, in the process analysing how organisations might use ‘smart technologies’ to deliver the ‘white glove’ treatment for visitors.

Visitors can ‘feel’ an organisation’s culture the moment they walk through the door to an office. The latest research from Proxyclick has revealed that two out of every five people claim their perception of a company or brand has been negatively affected by their experience in the corporate lobby or reception area. That’s a potential 40% of customers left with a bad impression. It’s a significant financial implication no business can afford.

Of the 2,000 UK and US office workers surveyed in Proxyclick’s annual ‘Office Worker Bugbears’ study, over 70% (71.48%, in fact) cited unfriendly receptionists, followed by over half (53.78%) naming a lacklustre welcome as top reasons for their bad experience.

In the White Paper, big brands such as Vodafone, access control specialist Paxton and EMS Software divulge the latest thinking surrounding the ‘Integrated Visitor Experience’ by covering the following areas: what ‘The Integrated Visitor Experience’ represents, new technologies, the State of the Nation right now, current challenges posed to wider systems integration and the future.

Gregory Blondeau, founder of Proxyclick, told Risk Xtra: “Not even five-to-ten years ago, the visitor experience didn’t really exist. The basic process simply covered how someone is received in a building or premises and how they’re able to move around. Today, the rise of smart buildings, developments in automation, open application programming interface standards and cloud technology have all served to change the game. Now, forward-thinking organisations are implementing fully-integrated solutions, enabling ‘The Integrated Visitor Experience’ to begin the very moment they connect with their guest.”

The White Paper follows on from the recent introduction of Proxyclick’s latest service offer to the built environment, namely Proxyclick Marketplace. The platform hosts multiple integration possibilities in a central location, enabling organisations to integrate both new and legacy solutions with their Visitor Management System, in turn creating their own personal VIP experience for visitors. Dependent on in-house capabilities, organisations can implement the personalised suite themselves or work with Proxyclick’s various integration, security or hospitality partners to do so.

*To download the ‘Integrated Visitor Experience’ White Paper visit https://bit.ly/2y57VTF

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